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Here's How to Get Top Dollar for Your Accident Vehicles

Eliminate buyer skepticism and sell more cars with a professional third-party inspection report from Specktion.

"Runs great!"
"Needs nothing!"
"We just serviced it!"
"This car is a steal at this price!"
Most everything you tell your customers (even if the truth) won't be believed because it's coming from YOUR mouth!

So let it come from ours instead, with our easy-to-read Vehicle Condition Reports specifically designed to help you lower customer apprehension.

We can give your dealership that level of transparency and trust that ultimately...
Sells More Cars!
When You Partner With Us You Can Expect To

Not many dealerships can claim to have third party vehicle inspection reports done on their vehicles. This unique selling proposition can attract customers willing to pay more for the peace of mind provided by a thorough inspection.

Nothing says "I have nothing to hide" quite like an inspection report. People are more willing to buy a vehicle when they know they are not being lied to or mislead. That can only happen when they are reassured by an unbiased third party.
An inspection report from Specktion virtually eliminates the need for anyone to question the quality of the vehicle. Customers may be less inclined to haggle over price when they perceive the vehicle as being in excellent condition. This can lead to faster sales and happier customers.
Offering third-party inspections as part of the sales process can be seen as a valuable service to customers, allowing your dealership to justify higher prices based on the assurance of quality. Customers are more willing to pay a premium for a vehicle they know has been thoroughly inspected.
Let Our Inspection Reports
Do The Selling For You
Every passed inspection will receive one Window Summary (above) that should be displayed prominently in front of the customer. Having this report can be a total game changer for your business.

The Window Summary has been designed to increase buyer confidence in the vehicle, with easy-to-understand color coded inspection results.
Your Online
Online shoppers crave transparency and are willing to spend more when they have peace of mind. A Specktion inspection on your retail inventory delivers that transparency.
Breathe New Life Into Accident Vehicles
70% of vehicles with a reported accident only sustain cosmetic damage. Specktion's unbiased, 3rd party inspection provide the true cosmetic and structural condition of a used vehicle, allowing your customers to purchase accident vehicles in complete confidence.
The Specktion Advantage
We increase...
Scheduled Appointments
Meaningful Phone Traffic
Showroom Visits
Out Of State Sales
VDP Page Durations
While also...
Neutralizing Objections
Reducing Buyer Apprehension
Reducing Liability
Maximizing Vehicle Value
Inspiring Trust
Look At The Difference We Can Make
Customers often ask the sales rep for the story on a car they want to purchase. Most of the time, though, they have no idea what the story is. They can look up the CarFax, but it’s not much of a story:
"The CarFax says it's never been in an accident, it's never been in a flood and has only 2 previous owners. We've serviced the car and it's ready to go. This is a great car."
With a Specktion Condition Report in hand, the sales rep can tell the customer what they really want to hear:
"We had an independent third party inspect the vehicle and was reported to drive excellent without any issues. The inspector saw no signs of leaks or frame damage anywhere on the car and gave it a total quality score of 4.5 out of 5."
Which Way Do You
Think Will Sell Cars Faster?
We Can Also Inspect Vehicles You Are Interested In Buying
At someone's home, at an auction or at another car lot, we can help to identify potential issues or hidden problems with cars your dealership is interested in acquiring. You can make more informed buying decisions, reducing the likelihood of purchasing vehicles with undisclosed defects that may lead to post-purchase financial loss.
What Does It Include?

You get our dealer level inspection on every vehicle which includes:

Engine - Check for leaks and damage
Structural Integrity - Check for frame and body damage
Flood Check - Check for evidence of flooding
Test Drive - Check overall ride quality
Online Access - Each vehicle report will be stored online for easy access
How Does It Work?

Whenever you have at least 2 vehicles that need an inspection, simply give us a call, email or text to let us know. Within 24 to 48 hours one of our inspectors will come out to your location to do the inspections.

Upon completion, the inspector will upload the information to the company so that we can generate and review the reports. We will then email you a full copy of the reports along with a Window Summary for each vehicle the next morning.

How Much Is It?
We offer volume discounts for our dealership partners. No set up fees. No long term contracts.
$79 per inspection (minimum of 2)
First Time Dealer's Discount:
$59 per inspection (first 2)
NOTE: We only inspect dealer vehicles not heavily modified, are under 10 years old and with less than 150,000 miles.
Sell Accident Vehicles Faster with Specktion
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Multiple inspectors on hand to offer fast and reliable service. We inspect from Vero Beach all the way to Ft. Lauderdale and everywhere in-between 7 days a week.
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