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Give your potential buyer peace of mind knowing your vehicle has been checked and is safe to purchase.

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Why Should You
Inspect Your Own Vehicle?
Ensuring a quick and successful sale of your vehicle involves more than just finding the right buyer. Getting your vehicle professionally inspected before putting it on the market is a crucial step that can benefit both sellers and buyers alike.
Consider the Following:
Confidence and Trust

A professional inspection provides potential buyers with a transparent view of the car's condition. This transparency builds trust, as buyers are more likely to feel confident in the purchase when they have a clear understanding of the vehicle's current state.

Maximize Resale Value

Prove to every potential buyer your car is priced right, by showing just how clean and mechanically sound it is. An unbiased inspection report makes your vehicle more attractive to buyers and potentially allows for a higher selling price.

Faster Sales Process
By advertising your car as having undergone a professional third-party inspection, you will entice more people to take a closer look at your listing. A thorough inspection report can address and relieve buyer concerns upfront, leading to a faster and smoother sales process.
Negotiation Leverage
Knowing the true condition of your vehicle gives you better negotiation leverage. You can confidently discuss the price with potential buyers, eliminating back and forth price deuls now that you have proof the vehicle will likely not need any immediate repairs or maintenance done.
Gain The Upper Hand
"The price is too high."

"What's wrong with it?"

"Can I have it inspected?"

These are the types of questions you as a seller will have to deal with, because everyone is a little apprehensive when buying a used car. Quickly ease their nerves by showing them a recent inspection report on the vehicle.

Nothing says "I have nothing to hide", quite like having an in-depth vehicle condition report on hand. Have confidence to answer any mechanical question they may have simply by referring to the inspection report.

If you have a vehicle with very few problems or flaws, then get yourself a vehicle inspection today and show off to the world that your vehicle is safe to buy.

Who Should Get
Their Vehicle Inspected?
Most everyone would benefit in one way or another to have their car, truck, or SUV inspected prior to selling. Here's a few sellers that absolutely should consider getting their vehicle inspected.
Florida flood damage inspections
Vehicles being sold in places known for flooding (Florida) also benefit immensely with an inspection report. Prospective buyers can rest assured the vehicle has no water damage. Especially buyers from out of state.
High mileage vehicle check
High Mileage Vehicles
Vehicles with higher mileage for their age make great candidates for vehicle inspections. Most people are suspicious of high mileage vehicles and as such are reluctant to buy them, even if the vehicle looks and drives great.
Out of state car inspection
Attract Out of State Buyers
Sellers looking to broaden their reach and sell their vehicles to people out of state should seriously consider getting an inspection report. Out of state buyers can't physically inspect the car, so having a third party inspection report on hand really allows for a smoother and faster transaction.
How Does It Work?
Simply give us a call at 772-774-7978 to schedule your inspection. One of our inspectors will come out to where the vehicle is located and spend some time inspecting it and giving it a test drive.

Once the inspector has completed the inspection, we will email you a finished copy of the inspection report after it has been compiled and reviewed. You can then print this report from a computer or email the online version to prospective buyers.

Use this inspection report as a valuable selling tool. Mention it in all your listings and watch how fast your vehicle sells.
How Much Does It Cost?
The cost to have your vehicle professionally inspected is $199. This includes our complete 175+ point inspection and service within 48 hours.
OR CALL 772-774-7978
Introducing Kwick Specktion
It's a scaled down version of our main inspection. It's designed to give your potential buyers just the right amount of information to get them to pull out their pocketbooks. It offers enough peace of mind that your vehicle is of good quality without going through the full 175 point inspection. Here's what it includes:
We check the exterior for any rust, large dents or scratches.
We check the interior looking for tears, stains, abnormal odors and overall cleanliness.
We check for overall cleanliness and signs of leaking. We check for abnormal noises and sounds. We check belts and fluid levels.
We attach a standard OBD2 scanner to the vehicle to see if any codes are generated.
We check terminals for corrosion as well as condition of battery cables.
We check all the tires for brand, tread depth and overall quality.
We confirm VIN number. We confirm how many keys/fobs come with the vehicle and their functionality.
We take the vehicle for a test drive to ascertain overall drive quality.
The Kwik Specktion is perfect in this day and age of online car scams. People just don't know who they can trust anymore. This concise, straight to the point report will give you the edge you need when selling your car online to a complete stranger.

A summarized report will be generated and emailed to you so you can print it up or give the link to potential buyers. The inspection report will contain 20+  profile and interior photos of your vehicle.

The Kwick Specktion costs $149.
NOTE: Kwick Specktion vehicles must have under 80,000 miles and be less than 10 years old.
OR CALL 772-774-7978
Private seller vehicle inspection
Your car is worth more when buyers feel confident of its' condition. Get it inspected today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What cities can you inspect in?

We can inspect vehicles from as far south as Ft. Lauderdale all the way to northern Vero Beach. Sorry, but we do not inspect in Miami at the moment.

What vehicles do you not inspect?

We don't do exotic high end cars, heavily modified vehicles, classic cars, muscle cars, motorcycles, RV's, motorhomes, semi trucks, or busses.

How long does an inspection take?

About 1.5 hours with the driving test.

What will you check for?

Please see this page for a detailed look at what we inspect.

What if I need to cancel?

Everyone should be treated fairly and we want nothing more than for you to be happy with us whether or not you end up using our services. Therefore, we have implemented a cancellation policy that easily rivals our competitors.

If you, the seller, cancel the inspection after the appointment has been made, but before we inspect, then we would refund your money minus a $29 cancellation fee.

If you cancel the inspection after the inspector arrives to the location (or is driving towards the location), we will refund your money minus a $49 cancellation fee. Any travel fees are non-refundable in this case.

If you don't show up at the agreed upon time for inspection, then we will refund your money minus a $49 cancellation fee (or we can reschedule for a $49 fee). Any travel fees are non-refundable in this case.

If, in the rare case an inspector can't make an appointment, you will receive a full refund.

Once an inspection has been started, there are no refunds.

Keep in mind, many of our competitors have a strict No Refund policy for all of their services, regardless of whether an inspection was made or not.

What if the vehicle sells before you can inspect it?

If the vehicle sells and we have already scheduled an inspection time but the inspector has not begun driving to the location, we will refund your money minus a $29 cancellation fee.

If the vehicle sells, but the inspector has already arrived to the location (or is driving towards the location), we will refund your money minus a $49 cancellation fee. Travel fees are non-refundable in this case.

Keep in mind, many of our competitors have a strict No Refund policy for all of their services, regardless of whether an inspection was made or not.

When are you available to do an inspection?

We are available to do inspections 7 days a week from 8:30AM to 7:30PM or dusk (whichever comes first). We close only on Thanksgiving day, Christmas eve and Christmas day. We do not inspect at night or in the rain.

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