Why You Can Never Trust a Carfax Report

2020 Infiniti QX50
9,680 miles - Minor Accident Reported
Carfax report page 1

Here we have an immaculate 2020 Infinity QX50 up for sale at one of the popular dealerships in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Our customer who hired us to check it out, was from out of state and had their eyes set on this Infiniti with super low miles and was ready to buy it.

The salesman told our customer that although the vehicle had been in a prior accident, it was merely a fender bender and only the left fender had to be repaired and repainted. He goes on to tell them that the air bags never deployed and there was no frame damage.

Based on the Carfax report, you might have believed him.

Take a look below:

Luckily, our customer wasn't so trusting of the report and decided to get the car inspected just to be sure.

We get down there the next morning and conduct a thorough inspection.

We began with our diagnostics check as we usually do. Our initial positivity turned to horror when we realized this vehicle was in a MAJOR front-end collision!

The diagnostics report was very revealing and pretty much told us everything we needed to know even before our inspection had begun.

See for yourself:

As you can clearly see above, this Infiniti was in a lot more than just a minor fender bender. The diagnostic scan revealed deployed airbags and that most of the safety sensors and radar in the front of the SUV were not functioning properly.

Upon further examination it was clear that much more damage was sustained to the vehicle than what was reported on the Carfax.

Whether or not the dealership knew this, one can only debate. But we discovered all these issues with a single scan, so why couldn't have they?

It's possible, the dealership knew about all these problems and tried to take advantage of the fact that our customer was from out of state and couldn't see the car in person.

Whatever the case may be, the moral of the story is NEVER trust anyone. Always get a used vehicle inspected regardless of what the Carfax tells you.

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